Service Status

All systems functioning as normal. 

Join our team! We are recruiting suitably qualified and experienced clinicians to join our team of Transfer Doctors in both Oxford and Nursling. To find out more or to apply please visit the SCAS NHS Jobs page or click the individual advert links below. Oxford (Registrar) Oxford (Consultant) Southampton (Registrar) Southampton (Consultant)

 Dedicated Adult Critical Care Transfer Team across the Thames Valley & Wessex

For Time Critical or Time Sensitive transfers ALWAYS call before emailing or making an online referral

RESCUE - 0300 303 4147 (1030 - 2300 seven days a week)

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust are Proud to work in partnership with the Thames Valley & Wessex Adult Critical Care Network

The Network covers 22 Critical Care Units, hosted by 14 Trusts. This covers all the Units in Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire as well as the Units in Salisbury, Chichester and Milton Keynes.

All 22 Units within the Network are covered by the Rescue Transfer Service and we accept referrals into and out of those Units direct.


Total of 578*


December 2020 - October 2021


Total of 66*


September 2021



*In scope transfers. Excludes additional "out of scope" missions not contracted by NHSE but conducted by the RESCUE transfer team.

Recent Feedback

"The skills of the dedicated Transfer Nurse or specialist paramedic crew make the difference. We don't need to spare our staff to go to transfer and leave our unit at risk"
"Very useful service. Would like to join if vacancies become available!"
"Being a neuro centre, we get lots of patients from elsewhere. Repatriation process was previously extremely difficult leading to bed blocking due to inability of getting an ambulance to transfer and thus preventing other patients being admitted. I feel this service has sorted this issue it is great!"
"Stops your clinical staff base on the ICU being reduced"
"Please continue this service - its fantastic The communication with this service is great and always prompt"
"Using dedicated teams instead of unit staff so patient flow was not affected"
"We used to request an ambulance and be on the phone for up to an hour. With this service the forms are easy to use and the team contact you within an hour. It is efficient with communication, helpful using the transfer team and not the nurse and overall makes our job so much easier"
"It is much easier to get an ambulance for the transfer"
"Previously we used private ambulances to aid availability so we have saved this cost"